Klean Kanteen

Picture: Stickeen Photography - Guest Post By: Wendy Dembo, Cool Hunting

A few years ago college kids started to use colored hard-plastic bottles to carry water as a more eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. The plastic in deli water bottles is not stable for multi-use purposes and never degrades in landfills. Now there are concerns about hard-plastic bottles leaching toxins, especially into hot water. The hip kids in college have recycled their plastic bottles and replaced them with Klean Kanteens, which are made out of ultra-light stainless steel.

The "Kanteens" are sleek, non-leaching and durable. They come in a myriad of sizes from 12 OZ ($17.95) which is perfect for little hands, or your purse, 18 OZ ($15.95) which is great for the gym and the jumbo size 40 ouncer ($23.95) when you are really thirsty.What sets Kleen Kanteen a part from the other stainless "bottles" is the innovation of their caps. They come with sports tops, flat tops and loop caps. They even have a sippy lid (yikes, the plastic of baby bottles is being questioned as well). Replace a plastic bottle for someone you love, who might take a while to do it on their own. Best of all, they are much better for the environment and you than bottled water ::Kleen Kanteen. See also: ::The TH Interview: Michelle Kalberer of Klean Kanteen