I don't flush. Do you?

I Don't Flush pledge
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A new campaign strives to raise awareness about what shouldn't be flushed down the toilet because of the many problems it causes.

“Things I flush down the toilet: Number one, number two, toilet paper. That’s it. How long is your list? Because that should be it, my friend.”

These are the words of Canadian comedian/actor Ennis Esmer, one of many supporters of the ‘I Don’t Flush’ campaign, recently launched in the province of Ontario. The campaign is a partnership between the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) and the Clean Water Foundation, as well as many municipal governments in the southern Ontario region.

Toilets are not garbage cans; and yet, sadly, many people use them that way. When all kinds of additional waste products are flushed down the toilet, these end up creating problems within the sewer system, water treatment facilities, even contaminating homes, lakes, and rivers. It can also cost local governments millions of dollars to fix.

I Don't Flush campaign© I Don't Flush

So what about those items that are supposedly flushable? DO NOT FLUSH THEM EITHER! Personal hygiene products such as wet wipes, diaper wipes, diaper liners, cotton swabs, facial tissue, even dental floss, etc. can cause serious blockages within the sewer system, regardless of what the manufacturer says.

From the campaign’s infographic:

“Everything we deposit into a toilet needs to be removed at a wastewater treatment facility before it gets back into our water environment. Because our sewers are not perfect we also see more and more garbage ending up in our waterbodies.”

While the campaign urges people to look for a trash can instead of the toilet, it’s important to understand that even trash cans simply mean removal of waste to another location and still those disposable items end up in waterways. Better yet is to opt for products that do not require disposal of any kind, i.e. washcloths and cloth diapers, reusable fabric sanitary pads and Diva cups, etc.

Please watch the public service announcement below to learn more about why we need to take care:

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