How to opt-out from the Yellow Pages phonebook

Yellow pages phonebook opt-out
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If you don't use it, you should opt-out (and hopefully it works)

If you are getting a Yellow Pages phonebook and you're not using it, you should opt-out. This is a topic that we've covered in the past, but it's worth periodically refreshing everybody's memory, otherwise inertia can take over. Opting-out is not hard to do, though how effective it is is contested. Some people who have opted-out say that they are still receiving the yellow paper bricks, probably because the delivery people in most places just dump them in front of all buildings without even looking at the address... But other people have reported that it worked for them, so since it's not hard to do, you should definitely opt-out and if it works, great, and if it doesn't, no harm done.

Make it opt-in

The number of opt-outs are also sending a message to the Yellow Pages and their regulators, so maybe if enough people opt-out, it'll hasten the decline of the paper edition. Ideally, it would be made opt-in by default so that those who really want it can sign up, and others don't feel like they're wasting resources...

How to opt-out

If you're finding the phonebook useful, by all means keep using it. But if you are reading this, you have internet access (though maybe we have a reader somewhere who's getting a printout of this via carrier pigeon), and most phone numbers and addresses are much easier to find online than any other way, including the phonebook.

So how do you opt-out from getting the Yellow Pages phonebook? In the U.S., you just go to the Yellow Pages Opt-Out site, and those of you who are up North, there's the Canadian Yellow Pages Opt-Out site.

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