Holiday Gift Guide: For the Pop Culture Fan

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Green Owl Records Compilation

Green Owl is a great idea—a record company by artists and for artists who want to be socially and environmentally responsible. This compilation is made up of unreleased tracks from an eclectic group of artists, including Pete Yorn, Bloc Party, Deehoof, and others; it's so much cheaper than concert tickets, and 100% of the profits support green causes. Plus, you can save $6 when you choose the instant download over the hard copy cd; we love it when less waste means less money. (">Green Owl Records, $11.99-$17.95)

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Collectible Magazine in a Recycled Frame

When giving to the pop-culture enthusiast, feel free to get a little creative. Find out her favorite magazine, and buy a vintage copy (or the one from the week of her birth) from a site like Million Magazines. Not only are you giving them a collectible, but no new energy needed to be expelled to create the gift aside from shipping costs (better yet: scour thrift stores on foot). Drop it into a recycled wood frame from Green House Framing and you have a gift as green as it is collectible. Our favorites? Practically-priceless copies of Rolling Stone in a mahogany frame. Sure, they cost more than a subscription, but it's a small price to pay to turn trash into treasure. (magazines from $29.99, frames from $69)

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Jack Johnson Water Bottle

Jack Johnson, everyone’s favorite musical eco-warrior, may not be touring right now—but you can still give a (surprisingly practical) gift with that dreamy aloha vibe. Johnson’s groovy RAP (Rise Above Plastic) water bottle, created in conjunction with Surfrider, holds a liter of liquid and is perfect for toting to a concert, jam session, or workout. Since the bottle is metal, it won't hold smells the way your old plastic one does—so you're saving on dish detergent, hot water, and plastic bottles. (Jack Johnson, $25)

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SC002 Solar Ipod Charger

No pop culture fanatic is ever without his Ipod. Help make the device greenerby givting a solar Ipod charger. Not only does it let you charge the 'pod without using costly electricity, but it's super convenient when stuck at the bus stop, hiking, or stranded anywhere that doesn't have an outlet (trees don’t have plugs—shocker, we know!). Solar Style, $45.99)

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Magazine Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the greenest of them all? Well, you of course, when you give the gift of this mirror made with recycled magazines. Perfect for the periodical junkie, this gift is great for the newlyweds setting up house, the coworker who always has a stain on his shirt, or Narcissus himself. Made of recycled materials, it’s a stylish daily reminder to go green. And to brush your hair. (Urban Outfitters, $52)

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