Holiday Gift Guide: For the Pop Culture Fan

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This holiday season, give the gift of pop culture—and environmental responsibility. We prove that you don't have to sacrifice eco-values—or blow your budget—for the music, celebrity or TV fan in your life. These gifts, some of which even benefit charities and green causes, reach out to every music lover, magazine junkie, celebrity addict, and TV fan in your life while targeting the eco-warrior in each of them; oh, and did we mention, they're also totally affordable and fun? Sure beats a Paris Hilton bobble head.

vling necklace

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Vling Recycled Album Necklace

Insound is already known as a great resource for indie rock needs. But for the music lover who likes to wear their affection for vinyl—and recycling—around their neck, give the Vling Necklace , a cassette-tape charm made out of reused records. Since no two are alike, it’s wallet-friendly way to give a gift that rocks without having to blindly guess whether or not your musician already has the new Cold War Kids album. (Insound, $19.99)

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Pretenders' New CD - Hear a Tune, Plant a Flower

You can never go wrong with Chrissie Hynde, who, aside from her day job as the Pretenders lead singer, is also a huge advocate of ecological issues and animal rights. The band’s new album, Break Up the Concrete, comes in a special limited-edition packaging made with handmade seed paper that, when planted, sprouts flowers in 1-4 weeks. It's music to your ears—and your landscaping—for less than $25. (Amazon, $23.73)

edun scarf

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EDUN Rilke Scarf

For the U2 enthusiast with a taste for fashion and literature, the EDUN organic knot scarf is the perfect creative gift. EDUN is known for their style and eco-conscious clothes, using organic textiles and dyes; this 100% African cotton piece, designed by Bono’s wife, is emblazoned with a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Letters to a Young TreeHugger, perhaps? (Edun, $70)



Ready, Set, Green: Eight Weeks to Modern Eco-Living

Got a pop-culture fanatic on your list who isn't very eco-minded (someone who, ahem, may leave his 42-inch flat-screen on even when he leaves the house)? Maybe he's really a budding environmental warrior who just happens to enjoy fine films! Ready, Set, Green is the fool-proof guide that can help him green his life, small step by small step. In just eight weeks, go from easy changes, like unplugging your cell phone charger when you're not using it (or turning off that TV) to making big green decisions on everything from cleaning products to vacations, furniture to careers. Each chapter offers tips organized by how much time they take to complete. We think you'll find that after two months, your giftee will be saving money just about everywhere--on hot water, electricity, food, transportation, and more--while greening up his act. (Ready, Set, Green, $9.95)

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