Holiday Gift Guide: For the Health Nut


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Finding the right gift for your favorite health-nut can be a daunting prospect - particularly with the inherent un-healthiness of the holiday season ready to trip you up. But take heart: we've been working diligently to bring you a wish list that will make any super-healthy super-human feel super-loved, from pillows that help your giftee get the best sleep of his life and plants that keep him healthy to gear, accessories, and books that will keep your health fanatic on the right track - and that ring up at tons less cash than insurance premiums or doctors bills.
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Eco Mats

Eco Mats by Eco Yoga are free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the unhealthy petroleum product linked to cancer and birth defects. Made instead of natural rubber and jute, these durable mats have the grippy-ness of conventional PVC mats, but without the unhealthy hang-ups of their synthetic cousin. (Barefoot Yoga, $72)

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Lappe Book duo

Few families know more about the profound connection between a healthy lifestyle and protecting our planet’s future than the mother-daughter team of Francis and Anna Lappe. No proper health-nut library would be complete without these illustrious texts: Diet for a Small Planet and Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen. And at just about $20 for the pair, they're an inexpensive way to start your giftee on the path to a green kitchen. (Amazon, $7.99-$12.89)

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Rishi Green Tea Set

Believe the hype: the health benefits of green tea are well documented. Known primarily for its antioxidants and low caffeine dose, green tea also offers a whole host of wonderful health benefits including improved immune response, reduction in heart disease, and increased bone mineral density. Set your health-obsessed coffee drinker up with this Organic Green Tea Set and watch his weekly java bill plummet. (Rishi Tea, $35)

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