Holiday Gift Guide: For the Green Geek

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[re]Drive External Hard Drive

Even the non-geeks among us know the importance of backing up the hard drive, but it's the computer-obsessed who'll really appreciate Simple Tech's [re]Drive External Hard Drive, which stores up to 500GB of material and works with both Macs and PCs. Bamboo for the case is grown at the manufacturing facility and steam-pressed without chemicals or wood varnish; the case also uses 100% recycled aluminum. The instruction manual is printed on the box to reduce the need for extra wood-based products, and the Energy Star Level 4 power adapter is a fanless design for more energy efficiency. Save money, save the planet, save next week's big presentation—the [re]Drive does it all. (Simple Tech, $99.99)

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SolarGorilla and PowerGorilla

What green geek can go 20 minutes without checking email? Make sure your geek always has access to her laptop, even when the battery is running low, with the SolarGorilla and PowerGorilla combo. They work together: the PowerGorilla is a backup battery power supply that provides as many as six hours of run time for your laptop, and the SolarGorilla is a set of solar panels that charges it by generating 10 watts in direct sunlight. The combo works best when using renewable energy as a power supply back-up, during your travels or when you go off-grid for awhile. Of course, if you're just down the street at your local coffee shop, the SolarGorilla folds open from a durable hard case that is water resistant (read: spillproof). (EcoGeek Living, $580)

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iRex DR1000

This may seem like a pricey gift (especially compared to gifts from the used paperback section of your local bookstore), but if your geek is a hard-core reader, this device could end up saving you big bucks—not only in cutting down book purchases, but also printing out documents. This iRex DR1000 reader has a paper-like screen that's easy on the eyes, and can display PDFs, Word documents, and HTML documents while users make notes and markups. The reader’s lithium ion battery charges in five hours and can last for up to 80 hours before needing more juice; you'll put that time to good use with the thousands of documents, pictures, and eBooks that the DR1000 can store. (eReader Outfitters, $750.00)

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Home Manageables

If you like the idea of the Power Monitor, but think your geek would prefer something that interacts with his iPhone or computer, then HomeManageables is the answer. The set of modules hooks up to lights and appliances to track each one's energy use, and interfaces with your iPhone so you can monitor and control your home’s energy use even when you're not there. You can get updates via text message when power is being used, and can set schedules for when lights turn on and off via your phone. Controling your home’s energy via phone? Any green geek would drool over this. (Home Manageables, $199)

Next: eco-minded webhosts and the support of worldwide geekdom

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Every true geek has a website, but a geek who wants to go green needs to pick a webhost that is as green as they strive to be. Taproot’s employees telecommute so the carbon footprint of the office is eliminated, and all employees are enrolled in 100% renewable energy plans with their local power companies. Still, the coolest part about this company is that it powers its servers with 100% wind energy and, as an added freebie, Taproot plants a tree for each customer to lighten your carbon footprint as well. So your geek gets a green webhost and a tree: money well spent. (Taproot, from $6.62)

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