Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashion Buff

Photo via Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning jewelry

Jewelry is a no-brainer in the gift department, but your green girl may be a bit disappointed if she unwraps sparklers made from conventional metals, which are pulled from the earth using nasty chemicals that permeate the water table and promote disease. Turn to Melissa Joy Manning instead; her designs use 100% recycled metals and conflict-free, responsibly sourced stones. But all this lovely karma aside, it's a challenge to find a collection that’s more comprehensive—or as drop dead gorgeous: Think agate pendants that look like crumbled gold, cavancite studs in the brightest shade of periwinkle, a one-of-a-kind black and white diamond ring, or simple recycled gold hoops (, from $40)

Photo via Loyale

Loyale vegan faux fur coat

There was a time when the ultimate gift from a man to a woman was a fur coat. Today, most eco-minded women would rather walk naked down Park Avenue in winter than wrap up in the skin of some innocent small animal. But despite its technical status as vegan, faux fur has been on the ecofashionista’s hit list ever since we realized that it’s typically made from non-biodegradable synthetics like acrylic, nylon and polyester. But the lining and faux fur on Loyale’s Costilla jacket are 100% soft, cuddly organic cotton. With a lapel you can flip up against the cold, slightly cropped sleeves for a vintage look and a three-button close, this is the perfect gift to open on a cold winter morning—and an ideal replacement for the environmentally dangerous (and expensive) fur from other retailers. We’ve come a long way, baby. (Loyale Clothing, $420)

Photo via Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics beauty box

Pangea Organics knows that every ecofashionista has a soft spot for beauty, which is why their Joy Holiday Gift set targets the style set with two bars of organic, synthetic-free soap and an eco-formulated lip balm packaged in a zero-waste plantable box. With a little nurturing, the box should sprout a spruce that just might serve as her Christmas tree in a few years. A green gift now, a free tree later—it's style and substance in one green package. (Pangea Organics, $30)

Photo via ICU Eyewear

Recycled Plastic Sunglasses

The perfect stocking stuff for him or her, the hautest thing in glasses this season is an eco-homage to classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers constructed from recycled plastic. Created by ICU Eyewear, which rescues plastic and metal that would otherwise be destined for the landfill to make their environmentally friendly frames, they’re also part of an in-house recycling program for used or broken reading glasses, which sends thousands of those still in good condition to impoverished communities around the world.(ICU Eyewear, $21.95)


Photo via Simple Shoes

Simple Overlay Slippers

These slippers are so not Mr. Rogers. Ridiculously cuddly but resolutely hip, the Overlay slips are made from organic cotton and wool with crepe soles crafted from natural rubber from the hevea tree, all held together with water based glue. And what’s not to like about a company with a commitment to 100% sustainability from the get-go? (Simple Shoes, $55)


Photo via Vuori

Vuori Organic Cotton Tees

Guys live in t-shirts. They button up over them to work, button down for drinks, slouch around on the weekend and have a graphically thematic number for pretty much every occasion. (“America Recycles Day is on Saturday? Cool, I’ll wear my recycling symbol shirt!”) Yet even those with stacks and stacks of the things are constantly on the hunt for another one, a better one, the perfect shirt. We’re not saying Vuori’s tees for men are the Holy Grail of organic cotton or anything. But they come pretty darn close. (Vuori, $55)

Photo via Toms Shoes

Toms Shoes

To love the original Toms Shoes, you’d have to be a fairly committed boho type—but these modern (and vegan!) wrap boots are chic enough for any Carrie Bradshaw wannabe on your list. And unlike regular shoe shopping, which only really benefits your own feet, Toms co-founder Blake Mycoskie donates a pair of shoes to needy kids in Argentina every time someone purchases a pair of Tom’s. So not only are these less expensive than anything Miss Bradshaw ever put on her feet, it’s no great feat to justify buying just one or two more pairs…think of all the good you’re doing! (Toms Shoes, $118)

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