Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashion Buff

Photo via Noon Solar

Purse/Laptop bag with solar panels

For the working green girl, the Augusta bag from Noon Solar is the perfect carryall. Not only is it drop-dead gorgeous and roomy enough to fit all her files, but solar panels on one side can power up a cell phone, PDA or iPod in minutes, saving on energy use. Made from vegetable tanned and dyed leather with an interior of organic hemp and cotton hand-dyed with natural pigments, Noon Solar bags also feature removable hardware and panels alongside biodegradable materials so she can compost it if she ever gets tired of it. As if. (Noon Solar, $412)

Photo via Betty Belts

Betty Belts wood cuff bracelet

Made from sustainable sono wood, this gorgeous cuff is the stocking stuffer of choice for accessory addicts everywhere. And Betty Belts gives back where they can by supporting environmental fundraisers, at-risk youth, women’s surfing (through athlete and event sponsorship), 1% For The Planet, Coop America, and the female artisans in Bali who make the goods that they sell. Bargain prices without sweatshops? We know a few stores that could learn a thing or two from Betty.(Betty Belts, $20)

Photo via EcoSkin

EcoSkin bamboo dress

Whatever her size, the Apatite dress from EcoSkin can’t miss: the go-anywhere style looks good on anyone, nipping in a waist here, slenderizing hips there, and making even the A-cups among us look decidedly voluptuous. Despite some reservations about the eco-friendliness of bamboo, which currently depends on chemicals to complete its transformation into fabric (unless it's in its linen-like incarnation), remember that bamboo is grown without chemicals and with a minimal impact on the earth (its closest competitor, conventional cotton, accounts for 25 percent of all pesticides used in the U.S.). Plus, bamboo absorbs five times as much greenhouse gas and produces 35% more oxygen than the equivalent amount of trees, so it's better for us even before it's cut. No wonder the pandas are happy! (EcoSkin, $230)

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