Holiday Gift Guide: For the Fashion Buff


Photo via Charmone Shoes

Looking for that perfect something for the fashion buff in your life? Some are easy to buy for: They'll take any random piece of clothing--from a vintage fringed dress to a Stella McCartney coat--and make it look fashionable and fabulous in any situation. But finding that perfect something for the fashion buff on your list isn't always that easy: Size 6 or 8? Pink or brown? Organic cotton or hemp-silk? Lucky for you, our eco-chic guide takes out some of the guess work, with options that are organic and sustainable, and offer enduring style. Our best fashion-forward eco-shopping tip? Look for quality fabrics and timeless design; even if you have to spend a bit more upfront, garments that will stand the test of time save money and resources over the long haul. Because disposable fashion is just so last century, darling.

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Photo via Charmone Shoes

Charmone vegan shoes

As gifts go, shoes are totally underrated. Not only does a pair of flats fit perfectly into the top of a stocking, but if you've bought the right size they always fit (so you can avoid those awkward, "Is this how big you think my butt is?" moments). Check out the sweatshop- and PVC-free, vegan velvet, oh-so-sexy Charmone Cinnamon shoes in rich Bordeaux red, made from recycled and sustainable materials. With a three-inch heel and delicate satin ruffles around the toe, these shoes ratchet up any holiday outfit to new levels of cheer (without the Jimmy Choo pricetag). (Charmone shoes, $249)

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Photo via Linda Loudermilk

Linda Loudermilk bamboo scarf

She's better known for pioneering eco-couture and creating fabrics from sustainable plants like seaweed, but haute designer Linda Loudermilk has also spent years doggedly supporting water rights, most recently through her Water is a Human Right limited edition products. This black bamboo scarf with a faucet graphic supports the YEW Foundation for clean water initiatives; with a pedigree like that, you won't even miss the designer plaid. (Linda Loudermilk, $50)

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Photo via Good Society

Good Society jeans

Basic denim is so not boring when it offers the perfect fit in organic cotton for less than $100. Good Society denim is a big nose-thumb to all the ridiculously expensive brands that can't manage to fit sustainability into their business plans: These fair -trade jeans are made of organic cotton on vintage shuttle looms and hand-sewn, while the company sets a high bar for corporate responsibility by supporting the factory workers and children living nearby with groundbreaking social programs, and donating to programs that plant a tree, feed a family, or construct an orphanage in India for every pair sold. Can your $300 skinny jeans claim that? (Good Society, $99)

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