Holiday Gift Guide: For the Do-It-Yourselfer

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Guerrilla Gardening

Is it time for the gardener in your life to spread his wings? Give the gift that inspires going outside of normal boundaries, bringing bright colors and fragrant flowers to street corners and vacant lots everywhere. On Guerrilla Gardening, by Richard Reynolds, is the bible of “shock and awe” seed bombers, giving tips on how to deal with garden vandals as well as which plants thrive best in poor soils--so by next season all your hostess bouquets, birthday gifts, and even holiday herbs will be hand-cultivated instead of store bought. (On Guerrilla Gardening, $15.12)

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A Scythe and Snath

You may have read about the Scythe Revival trend in TreeHugger, but if you're looking for a practical gift for the person who has everything, then a scythe may be the answer. European enthusiasts blog about working in nature without spewing fumes, the rhythmic relaxation of the cutting, and the sheer physical pleasure. And since the weeds will always need whackin’, this is one piece of exercise/landscaping gear that will not join the disgraced ghosts of Christmas past in the corner of your basement. (Scythe and Snath (handle), $115)

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The Natural Knitter

For the teen in the house, Barbara Albright's The Natural Knitter could be the beginning of a lifelong love for natural fibers and the therapeutically relaxing, creative art of knitting. The book includes twenty patterns for knitting classic designs as well as step-by-step instructions on how to dye wools at home using naturally derived, eco-friendly dyes, so your teen can stop dropping her allowance (and then some) on overpriced sweaters at the mall--and start making a fashion statement of her own. (Random House, $32.50)

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