Holiday Gift Guide: For the Animal Lover


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Just because your pets get spoiled every other day of the year is no reason to leave them out during the holidays. We know most cats and dogs can entertain themselves for hours with low-hanging ornaments, ribbon remnants, and balled-up wrapped paper, but if you’re willing to take it one step further, we’ve scouted out the best organic and eco-friendly toys, beds, carriers, and gear—at prices that will leave you plenty left over to spoil your human family members, too.

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Photo via Simply Fido

Simply Fido organic toys

Pups are not easy on their chew toys, whether it’s a golden retriever pulling the squeaker out of a mallard or a black lab mauling a pint-sized squirrel. Make sure the bits and pieces that they’re gnawing on are safe with these natural hemp toys from Simply Fido; Taco the bird, Eddy the elephant, Jeri the mouse, and Ollie the owl are all made of organic, unbleached, untreated fibers and dyed with gardenia seed, clove, and chestnut bur. Even the squeaker is nontoxic (it conforms to European standards of safety for infant toys) so you can feel at ease while Rover goes at it, and, at $10, his destruction of the charming little guys will be no great tragedy. (Trixie and Peanut, $10)

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Photo via Olive

Organic Hemp Woodland Friends

Why do dogs get all the good toys? As anyone who’s ever spent half an hour fishing foam balls from under the couch can tell you, kittens like to play, too. Keep your cat busy with these handmade bird and mouse toys: organic hemp, non-toxic dye, and organic catnip come together for irresistibly bat-able shapes that you’ll be digging out from under furniture for years to come. (Olive Green Dog, $5.50)

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Photo via Fibercore, LLC

Eco-Forage Box

Bird owners know how their flying friends love to dig. The Eco-Forage box makes it easy, green, and inexpensive to keep birds happy, with 100 percent recycled paper cut and stuffed into cardboard boxes—perfect for bedding or burrowing. Add some organic treats before you put it in the cage for extra incentive for your parakeet, cockatiel, parrot, or other winged pet. (Doctors Foster and Smith, $5.49 fox a box of six assorted sizes)

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