Holiday Gift Guide: Dogs


Don’t forget about your favorite four-legged friend this holiday! There are tons of gifts out there from all-natural dog treats to toys to beds. For the latest addition to our TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide we’ve come up with our favorites (and Duke’s too!):

A. Heave Hose – colorful dog toys made from pre-consumer recycled fire hose cloth. $14.
B. Big Shrimpy Recycled Dog Beds – made with fleece pieces collected from the cutting room floor. $71.25-$198.50
C. Old Mother Hubbard Old Fashioned Biscuits – found at the Only Natural Pet Store these treats are made with 100% whole foods and 100% human grade ingredients.
D. Planet Dog Gear – for the outdoorsy dog, their gear is made from recycled plastic soda bottles (PET) and the leashes and collars are made from 100% hemp. Varies in price.