Holiday Gift Guide: Decorations

decorate2 copy.jpg

As the season draws to a close, many of us will be tempted by the outrageous discounts on holiday themed bric-a-brac. But apart from that ephemeral high that comes from getting a great deal, there really isn't much to be said for loading up on Santa towels and Rudolf nightlights. Instead, save your pennies for decorating with some of these lovely green holiday trimmings.

A - Lucky Crow stylish and reusable fabric gift bags offer a simple and sustainable alternative to disposable gift wrap. Use these gorgeous bags year round for all gift giving occasions.
B - Organic Bouquet Holiday Arrangements and Wreaths - The Culinary Three Herb Wreath is made from organic thyme, rosemary, and chili peppers and natural bay leaves.
C - LED Christmas Lights - LED Christmas lights use 80% less energy than regular lights and last ten years or more.
D - Recycled Glass Ornaments - made out of cut glass reclaimed from glass factories around the he city of Cuenca, Ecuador. Each set comes with six different figures, and costs $45.

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