Handmade, Recycled Paper by PaperMojo

Recycled Paper by PaperMojo
PaperMojo has a large selection of handmade papers made of tree-free fibers such as mulberry, kozo, lokta and recycled cotton rag gathered from around the world. They import the paper from India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan, France and Italy, and some of the paper is made in the U.S. by local artists. The paper costs about $3 to $5 for a 22" x 30" sheet. It's great if you want to wrap your gifts in something different. Their Indian handmade paper is produced from cotton rag waste from the cotton garment industry. It is tree free and 100% recycled and uses no toxic chemicals acids or chlorine in the manufacturing process. During the pulp making process, colors and other waste materials like straw, grass, hemp, silk waste, flower petals are added to lend texture, color and pattern to the handmade paper.

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