Handmade Mats Woven From Recycled Marine Rope

Where does retired marine rope go to die? Much of it mucks up the ocean where it lives out its seemingly eternal nylon life wreaking havoc with marine creatures and coastal habitats. But fortunately, the luckier lengths go to the studio of Sophie Aschauer, where it is reincarnated into a collection of lovely woven floor mats.

Based in New York City, Aschauer founded SerpentSea to create mats out of recycled rope after a sailing trip to Nantucket in 2011. The marine rope is a perfect accomplice in this endeavor – the nylon makes for a durable, indoor-outdoor product that can simply be hosed down to clean. And not to mention the colors which combine to create beautiful, and unexpected, patterns.

Each of the four designs in the collection rely on the craft of nautical knot tying. All four knots are traditional knots that have been tied by sailors for ages for nautical needs as well as décor. The four styles in the SerpentSea collection have been named in honor of some of the 17th centuries most notorious pirates.

Morgan: 16 by 32 inches, $249

Drake: 20 by 30 inches, $249

Bonny: 23 by 29 inches, $249

Killegrew: 28 inches diameter, $349

To purchase and for more information, visit the SerpentSea shop.

Handmade Mats Woven From Recycled Marine Rope
Who knew that old rope could have such a dignified second life?

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