Grow your own drugs for Christmas, says the BBC

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We've written a lot about the trendiness of foraging.

From the relatively harmless, like urban foraging for dandelions, to concerns about over-harvesting and depleting natural resources, I doubt any of us TreeHuggers would argue that our modern culture could possibly sustain itself through large-scale foraging.

Yet there's something to be said for reconnecting with nature. And it's here that I find the trendiness of foraging more than a little bit encouraging.

Thanks to UK-based Permaculture Magazine, I just came across this hour-long BBC special from 2011 on how to "Grow Your Own Drugs for Christmas". No, we're not talking about illegal activity. Instead, ethnobotanist and permaculture enthusiast James Wong shows us how to make some Christmas-themed natural remedies and gifts, including pick-me-ups from yerba mate (a relative of holly), a hangover cure made from rose hips, and a 'cosmetic pesto' made from juniper, gin and wild-foraged ivy.

Now do any of these remedies really work? I have no idea. But it's nice to see our culture exploring the natural world, and in doing so, they are reminding us that it might just be worth saving.

Grow your own drugs for Christmas, says the BBC
Looking for some last-minute DIY holiday ideas? This BBC special has some (totally legal) ideas.

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