Green Loot We Got Under $25 (So Far)

Locally Produced Honey Comb


From Swan's Honey in Albion, Maine. Available through Maine's Pantry. According to the package it is "distilled from nectar and put in to its container by the bees themselves." Also check out this Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey.

Used Book (recycled)

Vanity Fair: A Cavalcade of the 1920s and 1930s. Uncovered from a box in the attic but available through Fantastic representation of a bygone era.Homemade Jam

Made from fruit grown in a local garden. Check out this recipe for homemade cranberry jam on PlanetGreen.

Certified Organic Strawberry Maple Syrup


From Stawberry Hill Farms. Locally produced in Skowhegan, Maine. If you don't like it on your pancakes, you can always use it to make bioplastics.

Hand-knit Scarf


It's not a Ferrari but this scarf is one of a kind. Its vibrantly hued pattern is made from bits and pieces of left over wool--a technique called intarsia. Also see ::TreeHugger Green Gift Guide

Jam image courtesy of Honeycomb image courtesy of Carlisle Honey.