Green Holiday Gift Guide: The Pop Culture Fan (Slideshow)

green gift guide pop culture

You may not be keeping up with the pop culture phenomenons of blood-sucking vampires, high school glee clubs, and Dan Brown novels, but chances are good that someone on your list is. Stuck on what to buy? Satisfy that craving for all things cultural with personalized movie posters, one-of-a-kind jewelry, King of Pop cross-stitches, and books and DVDs that combine green issues with pop icons. You may never understand the appeal of the teenage undead, but at least the music-lovers, movie buffs, television fans on your list will appreciate your green gifts.

Green Gift Guide: The Pop Culture Fan (Slideshow)

pop culture slideshow

After getting gifts for all the pop culture fanatics on your list, click on for 10 more gift-packed categories in our:

Green Holiday Gift Guide

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