Green Holiday Gift Guide: The Fashion Buff (Slideshow)

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As any teenager who's ever feigned excitement over a pom-pom reindeer sweater on Christmas morning can tell you, buying clothes for other people can be--well, let's just say, a little hit or miss. Don't want to give a closet full of duds that go unworn? We're with you--that's a waste of money, resources, and time. Instead, pull your ideas from our collection of fashionable, durable wardrobe must-haves--jeans that your guy will end up wearing 24/7, bracelets that will make your niece the envy of her high school, and maybe a few splurges for yourself--and fold up those reindeer sweaters for good.

Green Gift Guide: The Fashion Buff (Slideshow)

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After getting gifts for all the fashionistas on your list, click on for 10 more gift-packed categories in our:

Green Holiday Gift Guide

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