Green Holiday Gift Guide: The Animal Lover (Slideshow)

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Whether the animal lover in your life is completely committed to her own dog, spends weekends volunteering at the local shelter, or takes a global view by raising awareness of endangered species or factory farming, you can support her passion for four-legged friends without filling your shopping cart with unnecessary accessories. Organic toys, sturdy leashes, homemade collars, and cat-friendly furniture will keep people and pets purring, while charitable donations to animal rescue organizations all over the country lend aid to her favorite causes. And as for the animals? One look, lick, or snuggle will remind you just how far your money can go.

Green Gift Guide: The Animal Lover (Slideshow)

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After getting gifts for all the four-legged friends (and their owners) on your list, click on for 10 more gift-packed categories in our:

Green Holiday Gift Guide

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