Green Gift Guides

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If you haven't caught the drift from our extensive Holiday Gift Guide - there is plenty of evidence that 2005 is shaping up to be the Year of Green Giving. The options are seemingly endless, with eco-gifts being promoted by everyone from Grist to TIME Magazine. Here are of some of our favorite green gift collections:

Grist - Organized by your gift recipient's quirky qualities, the Grist Guide offers green gift ideas for Angsty Teens, Sports Fanatics and even Anti-Enviros.
TIME - The magazine's "For the Environmentalist" guide is a surprisingly hip collection of treehuggeresque eco-gifts.
Ideal Bite - Combining green living tips with gift ideas, the Ideal Bite 2005 Green Gift Guide offers daily eco-holiday advice via e-mail.
Natural Resources Defense Council - NRDC polled environmental professionals for tips on giving easy-on-the-planet presents that go way beyond the basics.
Co-Op America - Co-op America's Green Gift Catalog features special offers from businesses listed in the National Green Pages™.
Yahoo! Shoposphere - We were wowed by the extensive eco-offerings that we found in Yahoo! Shopping, so impressed that we built a set of 10 pick lists for you to browse through.

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