Green Eyes On: 9 Great Last-Minute Green Gift Ideas

5. Tsi-La Perfumes ($45 for one 4 milliliter bottle or $95 for four bottles, totaling 16 milliliter) are 100 percent natural--free of artificial fragrances, preservatives, and alcohol.

6. Hessnatur’s Belted organic cotton belted trench coat ($600) makes this list because I just spent a few cold, rainy days running around New York in it and have decided it's close to being the perfect piece of clothing.

Green Gifts for Kids

7. The gDiaper starter kit ($27) includes two pairs of washable and stylish Little G pants and 10 flushable diaper refills.

8. MiYim SleepyTime Collection (about $30 for one bear through Amazon) of organic cotton stuffed animals are cute and naturally colored with embroidered details.

9. Start kids as young as three with the Gaiam Yoga Kids DVDs ($15 each).

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