Green Eyes On: 9 Great Last-Minute Green Gift Ideas

brunton solar roll battery charger photo

Last week, I did a segment for The CBS Early Show on green gift ideas, and Harry Smith, co-anchor of the show, remarked that it was the best green gift segment he’d ever done. I won’t take credit for that: There are simply fantastic green goods out there now. Gone are the days of only organic socks and crunchy looking handbags (although I have my share of those and treasure them dearly), we’ve welcomed in a new era of attractive solar bags, water-powered clocks, beautiful handcrafted cosmetics and perfumes, and adorable organic stuffed animals. There is now something green and good for everyone on your list. And don't forget to check out TreeHugger's fantastic Gift Guide!

Green Gifts for Men

1. Brunton’s Solar Roll (shown above, starting at $295) allows anyone to be truly mobile. It’s strong enough to charge your laptop or your car battery.

water clock bedol photo

2. The attractive Bedol Water Powered Clock ($16) is actually powered by water, requiring no batteries or electricity.

pangea organics cosmetics soap photo

3. The Pangea Harmony Gift Set ($35; including organic soap, shower gel, lotion, and a soap dish), which also appears in the TH Holiday Guide, is packaged in a cardboard box that, when planted in the soil, will grow into a spruce tree.

Green Gifts for Women

noon cortland solar bag photo

4. When I showed one of the Cortland solar bags by Noon Solar ($418) on The Early Show, the studio lights worked their magic on the built in solar panel and charged the producer’s cell phone while we talked. Check out this bag and more for the fashionistas on your list in the TreeHugger Holiday Gift Guide for the Fashion Buff.

Discover more last minute green gifts on page 2.

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