Giving Thanks —


So what is today apart from being Friday November 25th 2005? Is it Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, the day after Thanksgiving? Well for most people around the world it is just a normal day, trying to get on with the survival thing. Whether that’s stuck in an emergency shelter (or most likely outside of one) in northern Pakistan, trying to find a well with water in it in Africa, staying out of war’s way in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel or Palestine, trying to feed your kids in India, reconstructing your local school in Sri Lanka, reconstructing your house in New Orleans, grieving for lost ones, or celebrating newborns.I guess what we're trying to say is that while a lot of people aren't
reading this because they are out shopping today, a lot more people aren't reading this because they can't. They might love to go down to the mall to buy something, but staying alive is their first priority. The discussion amongst TreeHugger writers about how to mark this Black Friday has been really interesting. Whether to completely boycott all products or stick to the day job and only promote sustainable consumerism. Of course everyone has their own opinion and that is the joy of being part of a team, for our part here in Barcelona, we’d like to take a look at the big picture, from a world view, and just call today Giving Thanks day (which should really be everyday).

With too much pollution, so much poverty and illness, with too may wars, human rights abuses and natural disasters around the world it can be very difficult to be positive, but being positive is what we think TreeHugger is all about! So we’d like to celebrate and give thanks to all those people out there who on a daily basis go about trying to make the world a better place. Not those who don’t buy anything on just one day out of 365, but those who constantly think about how to improve their lives and those around them by taking responsibility for their actions and living more sustainably. Here is a very good way of spending your money today and a great way to give thanks during the holiday season: Buy a Kalashnikov so that a blacksmith in Sierra Leone can turn it into farm tools; buy a quarter acre of mangrove swamp to plant as coastal defence in India or The Phillipines; buy a bike for a midwife in a developing country so she can get to work; buy a donkey for development in Africa; buy a bluebell wood in the U.K. The list goes on, you can buy a camel, a rocket launcher, a bag of medicines, carpentry tools, rainforest, music lessons.... Whatever you choose, all the fantastically bizarre, wonderful and life affirming gifts on offer at The Good Gifts Catalogue go towards improving quality of life for somebody, somewhere on our planet. ::Good Gifts Catalogue
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