Give Peas a Chance: How Gardening Can Effect Change

We love our local alternative weekly Now Magazine; in this week before Christmas they almost ignore the holiday and focus on peace. Wayne Roberts wrote a wonderful article that deserves wider distribution- War on the Earth- Military hardware has sown a brutal, soul-wrecking legacy in agriculture.... "Permaculture," as one style of gentle gardening is called, got pushed aside by mass food production about 10,000 years ago, and food farming has been linked ever since to punishing labour "by the sweat of thy brow" and the conquest and subduing of nature. The famous Biblical metaphor of turning swords into ploughshares, commonly seen as a symbol for converting weapons of war into tools for peace, is on an another level a bald statement about the kind of weaponry required to force the earth into submission." Read it and reap. ::Now Magazine


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