Fuel Cell Car Kit

Can a car run on only water? Well, it wouldn't be much fun otherwise so you can guess the simple answer is "yes", if it is the car from the Fuel Cell Car and Experiment Kit from Thames and Kosmos. Now you or a budding future scientist dear to you can find out how it works and explore the complexities behind that simple "yes", such as:Yes, if it is the eight inch (20 cm) model car, small enough to play with without the problems inherent to hydrogen fuels that scale-up to a family-size model might entail; or

Yes, if you don’t count the ten minutes of sunlight or 15 minutes under an incandescent light bulb which the solar panel requires to electrolyze the water into hydrogen and oxygen, filling the fuel tanks (for about 30 minutes of operation).

And last but not least...

Yes, if I can just get this darn thing put together right! (But not to worry, Thames & Kosmos provide handy trouble-shooting tips so you can help your twelve year old figure it all out).

In addition to everything needed to build and operate the miniature car-of-the-future, the kit supports 30 experiments for learning about how a reversible fuel cell operates. The fuel cell is based on proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology. Reversible means that it first operates to break apart the hydrogen and oxygen in water and later recombines them again—closing the circle to create water again, but converting the energy of light into storable motive power in the process. ::Thames & Kosmos