Father's Day Green Gift Guide: 10 Presents Dad Will Adore

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We love dad (or hubby or grandpa--insert your preferred Papa Bear-figure here) and know that he deserves the best. So why not choose a gift that reflects style, substance, sophistication, and sustainability? Make him swoon with a dashing gift that's delectably green in obvious ways (a beginner's beekeeping kit, a deluxe bike bag system) or one that's secretly sustainable (all-natural BBQ charcoal, an energy-efficient iPod clock radio). Wherever your dude falls on the green spectrum, this guide will help you do your part for Dad on Father's Day.

FSC-Certified Father’s Day Photo Cards

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Move over Hallmark, cardstore.com offers the same Father's Day sentiment, only sustainably. The online greeting card company sells stylish yet eco-conscious options using 100 percent post-consumer waste paper that’s chlorine free and manufactured by wind power. The printing facilities are also Forest Stewardship Council certified and run on a print-on-demand process, so, unlike traditional greeting card companies, remnants and unsold stock are never left polluting landfills. We particularly love the customized photo cards, and the prices, which start at $1.29.

Cowboy Charcoal

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If dad loves to strike up the barby, this gift will surely light his fire. One hundred-percent natural lump Cowboy Charcoal ($7.89) is not a far departure from the conventional BBQ coals he's used all his life, except for the lack carbon-spewing pollutants, chemicals, and coal. Plus, the cute, nostalgic cowboy packaging will remind dad of the good ol’ days. And with such an unbeatable price, you can also throw in a six-pack of local beer and a few tasty grilling recipes printed out from Planet Green. With delicious options including Kelly's mouth-watering marinades to Emeril’s Portobello Mushroom-Blue Cheese Burgers, and Grilled Eggplant Parmesan, maybe Dad will even consider some meat-free options.

SunLawn LLM-40 Push Reel Mower

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If you haven’t been able to convince Pops to turn his perfectly manicured front lawn into a victory garden, you might be able to meet him down the middle with a SunLawn LLM-40 Push Reel Mower ($179) that can replace his petro-pumping gas-powered lawnmower. The manual mower is so lightweight, quiet, and easy-to-maneuver that dad will no doubt be turning some envious heads on his block. Think he might be doubtful as to whether such a streamlined contraption could really get the job done, just point him over to Mike’s thorough review of this TreeHugger-approved gadget.

Enamel Stacked Lunch Box

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Maybe dad’s trying to cut costs. Or his waistline. Or his green guilt about over-packaged take-out lunches at work. If so, this Enamel Stacked Lunch Box ($26) from Vivaterra will do the job. The handsome container, inspired by the ones Asian field-workers use, comes with three separate compartments to keep dad’s entrée and side dishes from sliding together. And since it’s not made from plastic, no harmful chemicals will leach into his food.

Living Ecosphere

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Is your old man a nature lover? Treat him to a gift that comes as close to bringing the outdoors in for those times he can’t be camping. The Living Ecosphere ($89)—another fabulous find from Vivaterra—displays an entire self-sustaining ecosystem all within a modern and sleek hand-blown glass dome. So long as dad has a spot in his office or home providing indirect light and moderate temperatures, he can sit back, relax, and watch in wonder as plants, shrimp, algae and other microorganisms do their thing.

Basil Manka Bike Basket and Bag System

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On the bumpy road of life, make Dad’s ride a little smoother with a Basil Manka Bike Basket and Bag System ($75). The simple design and spacey storage will allow him to stow away a change of clothes for when he commutes to work, has room for groceries for weekend rides to the farmers' market, and has ample space for a Frisbee and bottle of wine for those leisurely weekends spent in the park.

Camelback Better Bottle

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Sporty fellows looking for a spill-proof bottle to bring on the trails or bike paths or for traveling will appreciate Camelback’s new Better Bottle ($24). Now made from BPA-free, medical-grade stainless steel, mom and the family can rest easy knowing that dad won’t be accumulating toxins in his quest to quench his thirst. Available in an assortment of five different colors and styles, it’ll be easy to match dad’s personality.

iPod Clock Radio

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If Dad’s got to get up early to help bring home the bacon, make his morning a little sweeter with an iPod Clock Radio ($198). He’ll wake up on the good side of the bed when he hears his favorite music pumping from a sustainable and downright good-looking, dark walnut wood dock. Even more, he’ll love his lower home energy bills thanks to the energy-efficient amplifier and EnergyStar rating. More music to our ears? Dad will receive his gift packaged in 100-percent post-consumer stock.

Recycled Necktie and Suit Wallet

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If your gift ingenuity is lacking and you’re leaning towards the trusty old necktie, resist the urge. There is a much hipper and practical prezzie that dad will want to show off to all of his friends: a recycled wallet ($28) made from repurposed suits and neckties. We’re sure dad will get a kick out of showing off his not-so-ordinary gift and will just maybe pick up the next tab a little more eagerly. Choose from red, blue and pinstripe colors.

Beginner Beekeeping Kit

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Darker green fathers down with weekend projects and DIY endeavors will get a buzz from this Beginner Beekeeping Kit from RealGoods ($229). Complete with a hive, wax, smoker and fuel, gloves, helmet, assembly instructions, and a First Lessons in Beekeeping book, dad will feel as badass as Bear Grylls in Man vs. Wild. More than that, he’ll enjoy playing superhero when it comes to restoring dwindling honeybee populations, and then, of course, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Father's Day Green Gift Guide: 10 Presents Dad Will Adore
We love dad (or hubby or grandpa--insert your preferred Papa Bear-figure here) and know that he deserves the best. So why not choose a gift that reflects style, substance, sophistication, and sustainability? Make him swoon with a dashing gift that's

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