Father's Day Gifts For All Shades of Green


Our instant survey on green 'rents tells us that fathers of TreeHuggers come in all shades of green. So as a follow-up to the Dad's day suggestions, we're going to give you some ideas for three levels of green-ness: brown, light green and deep(ecology) green.

Brown - Dad is awesome, but his devotion to his SUV and skepticism about global warming make it hard to come up with the perfect eco-gift.
Solar Patio Lights - you know dad will appreciate saving a bit of $ and hassle with these easy-to-install and attractive outdoor lights.
Beat High Gas Prices Now! - This book's environmental message is so under-the-radar (yet still compelling) that Dad won't know you're feeding him more eco-propaganda.
Hand Cranked Radio - handy for the fishing boat, this eco-gadget is a great place to introduce the idea of alternative energy on a much larger scale.Light Green - Over the years Pops has given some of your eco-living tips a go and is even trying out some of those silent sports you keep raving about.
Rivers and Tides DVD - The beauty of nature and the brilliance of art come together in this gorgeous documentary.
TerraPass - Help make Dad's work commute (or drive to the golf-course) carbon neutral.
Buzz Eco Java - Two pounds of The Groovy Mind organic, Fair Trade, shade grown coffee and two of Graham Hill's ceramic replicas of Greek New York paper take-out cups.

Deep(ecology) Green - Dad taught you everything you know about hugging trees. Family trips were to national parks and dinner was organic long before there was a Whole Foods.
Ecostore Body Bar - No parabens, propylene glycolphosphates, nitrates, chlorine, ammonia, enzymes, synthetic perfumes, coloring or dyes, optical whiteners or brighteners or chemical preservatives.
Off The Grid: Modern Homes + Alternative Energy - This book takes a look at an impressive diversity of homes, from urban to "bush" living, that have gone off the grid.
TerraPax Field Bag - Made of an undyed hemp shell, webbing from hemp’s cousin flax (more commonly known as linen). Leather reinforcing is vegetable and bark tanned, instead of the usual chrome and heavy metals. The closure is a stag horn (antlers are shed naturally each season by the animals themselves.) And the hardware is solid brass, free of electroplating.