Elite Finger Puppets

Well, some of our readers thought the octopus toy we featured from Kenya was a bit too expensive. So here's something for $12, from the same group. These fingers puppets are also made of natural wool yarn, treated with natural vegetable-based dyes.

The owner of Branch, who sells the toys, left a comment to say that suuplier of these items, Dwelling, is a member of the Aid to Artisans Market Makers. This is a non-profit organization comprised of socially responsible businesses that provide a link between artisans and the marketplace.

AAMM is dedicated to creating long-term economic opportunities for craftspeople in Africa and Haiti, and their goal is to expand throughout many other locations around the world. This organization personally monitors for safe, dignified and healthy working conditions, and their commitment is to the welfare of artisans, to respecting and sustaining the environment and to promoting and practicing fair and open trade ethics and principles.

The result is that by purchasing these handcrafted products (which come at a variety of price-points), buyers are helping to create income and ultimately a better life for these artisans and their families.

You can find out more about this company here.

:: Branch

Elite Finger Puppets