Eco-friendly entertaining is on trend this summer, says Pinterest

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There's lots of fun, food, and frolic in 2018's summer entertaining report, but we've picked our top green favorites from the list.

Everyone's favorite aspirational site, Pinterest, has released its list of Summer Entertaining Trends for 2018. I had to take a peek, since entertaining during the summer months is pretty much my idea of the best time. To my delight, there are a number of TreeHugger-friendly trends picking up in popularity.

1. Stargazing parties: Did you know this was a thing? I did not, but I love the idea. A quick search on Pinterest revealed images of pickup trucks layered with blankets and pillows, educational printouts depicting constellations to assist with identification, and open-air feasting under the stars. What an awesome way to celebrate our wondrous natural world.

2. Bruschetta bar: Does it get any more fab than a make-your-own-bruchetta bar at a party? Apparently not, which is why this fun idea is up 159 percent in Pinterest searches year over year. Bruschetta is one of those ever-appealing appetizers that can also be a satisfying vegetarian meal, especially if you have a variety of toppings. Try the classic tomato-basil, white bean and garlic, pear and blue cheese, roasted peppers and sun-dried tomatoes with goat cheese, pesto and olives. (Just for the record, the correct pronunciation is 'brusketta'.)

3. Nature getaway picnics: Search this and you'll swoon at the images. This year there are 337 percent more people seeking inspiration for moving their parties and picnics outdoors. On docks, in meadows, in the forest, and in the back of a hatchback, the sky's the limit when it comes to finding a good picnic spot. Read: 3 ways to have an eco-friendly picnic

4. Reusable utensils: A topic that comes up frequently at TreeHugger in our articles on reducing plastic waste, I'm delighted to see these growing in popularity. If you don't want to use your regular everyday cutlery, there are lots of lovely bamboo or other wooden options to choose from, some in fun cloth carrying bags. Read: 9 tips for Zero Waste entertaining this summer

5. Glass jars: The formidable Mason jar has not yet fallen off in popularity, much to my delight. Pinterest says its users are wanting to "customise a meal and toss it in a jar to keep things organised and spill free with a picnic in a jar." Search is up an impressive 346 percent over last year.

6. Water bar: Somewhat less exciting than an alcoholic bar, but definitely more family-friendly, the newly popular Water Bar features waters steeped with fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables to make them even tastier and more refreshing. Think mint-orange, cucumber-watermelon, strawberry-basil.

7. DIY pizza oven: I can't help but love anything that gets people cooking their own food, especially when surrounded by friends and family, and there's something about an outdoor pizza oven that screams "building community." Searches for how to build a pizza oven are up 68 percent since last year. Read: Build your own wood-fired pizza oven

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