Ebay Launches Shop with Used Golf Gear Guaranteed by PGA Pros

Golf gearkulicki/CC BY 2.0

Golf is an immensely popular sport, alas, all that green hasn't always been so green. Fortunately, more and more courses are keeping the environment in mind as they plan, build, and remodel their links. In addition, golfers and retailers are getting resourceful in finding ways to deal with the issue of equipment.

Case in point: Every 7.1 seconds, a golf item is sold on eBay. That’s a lot of golf items. So it’s nothing but good news that eBay and the PGA Trade-In Network have officially launched The Pro Shops, a new eBay storefront to connect buyers directly to PGA Professionals.

The storefront gathers together the entire inventory of equipment available through the eBay marketplace that has been listed for sale by PGA Professionals who are members of the PGA Trade-In Network and who’ve taken the “Play It On” pledge. By promising to “Play It On,” PGA Professionals guarantee that they’ll encourage the trade-in and resale of golf equipment, use their expertise to ensure authenticity and integrity, and share their knowledge and passion for the game.

In turn, golfers, both rookies and veterans, can shop confidently and responsibly with the knowledge that they’re buying directly from trusted sources. And since the listings will include traded-in equipment that the PGA Professionals have accepted at their physical stores, it provides the opportunity to buy used gear to lighten the burden on both the wallet and the planet.

Christopher Payne, Head of eBay North America, said, “This is more than just a brand bringing a store on eBay; we view the PGA Trade-In Network as key partners in driving positive change in the world. I couldn’t be more pleased that we’re working together to create both positive business and social impact.”

Ebay Launches Shop with Used Golf Gear Guaranteed by PGA Pros
The Pro Shops storefront connects buyers directly with PGA professionals.

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