Easy Way to Reuse Your Corks: Bakus by Ciclus

Bakus Cork Mat Image

Bakus Cork Mat by Ciclus Designs

We told you about an innovative wine-lamp box Cavallum: a sustainably designed holiday gift commissioned by a Spanish company. The designers at Ciclus have recently announced another simple, yet practical design to extend the life of your wine bottle corks while protecting your surfaces from heat.

Bakus Cork Mat Three Images

Bakus Cork Mat by Ciclus Designs

Bakus is the latest creation by Ciclus Designs and its founder, Tati Guimarães. The design comes from a straightforward idea: stop corks from going in the garbage when the wine bottle is empty. She tells us:

I always asked myself what to do with the corks that were left after dinners with friends. The original concept was to make an object that interacted with the user and promoted the idea of reuse. Giving a new life to these little pieces made us realize that it wasn’t just about a tablemat but an opportunity to allow people to remember special times with friends.

Would you use this? And perhaps more interestingly, how long would it take you to fill it? This seems like a useful and interesting way to stop corks from going in the garbage. Reuse at its best.

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