EarthTech Offers More Geeky Green Gifts

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We at TreeHugger want to make finding green gifts easy. Which is why we put together our holiday gift guides. One of these guides is for the green geeks in your life, and it features great techy gadgets that leave a lighter footprint.

But if you're on the prowl for even more suggestions, we've found a resource for you. EarthTech has a product section called "Eco Gifts for Treehuggers" - a title which of course grabbed our attention - and they offer a wide selection of techy green gifts you'll want to browse through.

Read on for samples of what you'll find. Several of the items in EarthTech's Eco Gifts section are things we suggested in our geek guide. But there are a few more worth eyeballing.

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XrayLED hand-crank flash light uses LED bulbs and can get 20 minutes of shine time from a quick 30-second crank-up. It can also be charged via AC if needed. A full charge means 20 hours of light.

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This camera bag is equipped with a solar panel to charge up your digital while off-grid. It would also come in handy for charging up most any other hand-held device.

earthtech solar cooker photo

This outdoor cooker can use all solar power, all electric or a hybrid of the two to cook up your meals while camping. And while it may take awhile to cook your food, you don't have to worry about bringing along fuel for cooking. It can get up to 400 degrees and comes with 4 pots and lids.

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