Does the World Really Need the Chork?

chorkYouTube/Video screen capture

The first U.S. patent for the fork-spoon combo now known as the spork was issued in 1874 to Samuel W. Francis. The patent for his proto-spork, titled “Improvement in Combined Knives, Forks, and Spoons” set the stage for a long parade of newfangled sporks and other strange hybrid utensils.

But it wasn’t until now that anyone came up with the concept of the Chork!

The Chork is a new eating tool that marries chopsticks with a fork, with a bonus cheater configuration for the novice. It is the brainchild of Jordan Brown, who saw the need for both fork and chopsticks during a presumably sloppy Japanese dinner. Brown, who happens to be a partner at a concept development and marketing company (B.I.G.), became determined to make his dream a reality, and thus the Chork was born.

The result? No more awkward dropping of sushi, as evidenced by the once-frustrated-now-exuberant diners in the promotional video below. No rice left behind.

While the spork is kind of brilliant for negating the need for two utensils, does the world really need the mass production of a disposable polystyrene contraption for those lacking in precision chopsticking skills? Or, will the Chork be the helping hand that gently guides chopstick-challenged eaters into a new era of chopstick prowess?


Does the World Really Need the Chork?
Move over spork, there’s a new weird hybrid utensil in town.

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