Crayola Crayon Maker Recycles Stubs Into New Crayons

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We don't often show mainstream plastic toys on TreeHugger, but this one is interesting and frankly, a bit surprising. One would think that all Crayola wants to do is sell more crayons, yet for twenty bucks they will sell you the Crayon Maker, which uses a little incandescent light bulb to melt down the stubs and mould them into new Crayons. The next thing you know, Gillette will be selling a sharpener for its razor blades.

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Of course, if you put different coloured stubs in, you are going to get an odd mixture; so they make a virtue out of necessity, turning it into a game where the results are called "blurple" and "tangergreen."

It isn't without its problems, the main one being that it is recommended for children over eight, yet on all the review sites I looked at, people were buying it for kids half that age. They also do not supply the 60 watt candelabra base bulb, and these are not sold everywhere. The Red Ferret thinks that "this looks to be a miracle product" in terms of saving money and reducing waste. Perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but I love the idea. More at Crayola

Has anyone tried one of these? Is it any good?

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