Core77's 77 Design Gifts Under $77


Core77 has put together a clever list for the holidays: 77 Design Gifts Under $77. Among the design-y must-haves and cool curiosities are some things that any TreeHugger would be proud to find (or place) under the tree. Two must-haves for TreeHuggers and design enthusiasts alike are An Inconvenient Truth on DVD, along with Worldchanging's book, which we reviewed here. Other TreeHugger-friendly reading material on the list includes a subscription to Make Magazine (who've enlightened us with their DIY biodiesel and 2005 Gift Guide), and the DIY spirit can be applied to easily make your own version of the Martin Robitsch's Schaschlik Knife Block. There's lots more eye-candy inside the guide, and it's great to see the design and eco-friendly worlds fusing closer together than ever. Also, be sure to stay tuned to see the balance of TreeHugger's own 2006 Gift Guide. ::Core77's 77 Design Gifts Under $77