This company sends safe and effective green cleaning products straight to your door

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Nyt Liv aims to make finding and buying safer and more sustainable cleaning products simple and easy.

In a world where almost every cleaning product manufacturer wants to proclaim their products as safe and 'natural', how can eco- and health-conscious consumers cut through the greenwashing nonsense and find household cleaning products that don't endanger their health or the environment?

One company aims to make the process of getting green cleaning products to your door much simpler, by doing the research for you and only carrying those products that are considerably less non-toxic than the bulk of the offerings on the market.

Nyt Liv (Danish for "new life," pronounced 'neat leave') has an ambitious goal, which is to reduce the demand for cleaning products containing chemicals that are toxic to humans, wildlife, and soil and water, and they're doing it with a market solution, namely by offering alternatives that are much safer for all of us, and sending it right to our door.

"We want toxic chemicals out of our homes, offices, restaurants, schools – we want them completely off of the shelves! Anyone familiar with economics knows that this will only happen if there’s a switch in the demand curve so that it’s no longer profitable to produce those nasty “cleaners.” When demand is zero, so will be the supply." - Nyt Liv

For those of us who have been in the green scene for some time, vetting cleaning products is a fairly simple process if you've got access to a store that sells safer brands, and have been doing some research on your own, but for those who are a bit in the dark, and who may be taken in by claims of 'natural' or ''plant-based' ingredients, Nyt Liv might be the way to go.

Nyt Liv does the due diligence and research on green cleaning products, and only offers items that they believe to be 'non-toxic' and safe for household use. The site is set up for shoppers to view products by category (all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc.), and to then put together a box for all their cleaning needs, which is then shipped direct to their home.

The company also offers an element of financial philanthropy, by donating a percentage of their profit from each purchase to "organizations that are committed to working towards a sustainable future," and claims that buyers can help decide what aspect of environmental stewardship will be supported by these donations.

I like the idea of Nyt Liv, mainly because it's serving a market that may not be as interested in doing the research, but that still wants to choose healthier cleaning products, and because it doesn't require a trip to the store, it could be a helpful method of getting non-toxic cleaning supplies, without any added effort.

On the other hand, because we're a pretty back-to-basics family that likes things simple and easy (we use Dr. Bronners liquid soap and vinegar for the bulk of our cleaning supplies), we don't buy any job-specific cleaning products (such as tub and tile cleaner or air freshener or dishwasher rinse aids), so I don't see that Nyt Liv is for everyone. However, based on my own experiences with trying to explain the issue of toxic cleaning products to the average person, I do think there's a need for a curated green cleaning products supplier, and Nyt Liv could be it.

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