BuyGreen: Women's Casual Shoes

TreeHugger knows that unrestrained consumerism, no matter how green the product, is no way to achieve sustainability. Still, we all have to buy stuff, from time to time, so for when those times come around, we want you to know that there are lots of greener options available. Today, it's all about the ladies, as we take a closer look at casual shoes for women.

Ideal for trips to the farmer's market or to afternoon coffee, there's something on the list for just about everyone, from chic slip-ons to shoes with soul, they'll can help you maintain your aesthetic while treading lightly on the planet. Remember: if the color shone doesn't really light your fire, shoes are often available in several color options, so look around until you find something that fits you. Hit the jump to find your new favorite pair.


What: Organico by El Naturalista
Where: El Naturalista shops or
Why: Recycled pu footbed and stream leather (tanned using vegetable extracts and ground tree bark) upper
How much: $119
Nice touch: inspired by Scottish artist Andy Goldsworthy
More: El Naturalista and TreeHugger

What: Ebony by Patagonia
Where: Patagonia stores or
Why: 100% recycled rubber soles and compression-molded EVA midsoles (20% recycled)
How much: $85
Nice touch: As with all Patagonia purchases, a portion of your purchase goes to 1% for the Planet.
More: Patagonia and TreeHugger

What: Toematoe by Simple Shoes (full disclosure: Simple Shoes is a advertiser on TreeHugger, but has not paid for this or any other editorial coverage on our site. That's not how we roll.)
Why: Organic cotton/linen, printed wool, and wool felt uppers, bamboo lining, cork and latex pedbed, water based cements and 100% post consumer paper pulp foot forms
How much: $85
Nice touch: a proud part of Simple's Green Toe initiative
More: Simple and TreeHugger

What: Grass by Terra Plana
Why: Chrome-free leather uppers
How much: £75
Nice touch: Terra Plana sources locally, uses recycled materials in almost everything, and designs for light weight to reduce shipping load.
More: Terra Plana and TreeHugger

What: Madison Bronze by Novacas
Why: 100% vegan means a chic leather-free alternative
How much: $85
Nice touch: One shoe does all: versatile enough to go from office to dinner to night out on the town
More: Novacas and TreeHugger

For more tips on keeping your shoes' footprint light, check out TreeHugger's How to Green Your Wardrobe guide. Stay tuned for more Green Buying Guides for men & women's apparel, your home & interiors and much more.

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