BuyGreen: Men's Casual Shoes

TreeHugger is the first to admit that we can't happily shop our way to global sustainability, but when your favorite pair of kicks finally wear through, you can't go shuffling around the streets with newspaper tied around your ankles. We all gotta have shoes, not just for working (that's another post) but for hanging out, weekends and casual affairs; this guide is designed to help you find a new favorite pair for around the house, happy hours and just kicking back and relaxing.

Here, you'll find shoes inspired by basketball and volleyball classics, some made for skateboarding (it's okay if you don't skate while your wear them, though) and a pair crafted from a whopping 99% recycled materials; in short, something for everyone, and not a stitch of hippie-wear in sight. Whatever you need "casual" for, you'll find something for every style and budget; hit the jump to get started.


What: Chuck Taylor All-Star by Converse
Where: and
Why: Hemp upper instead of canvas
How much: $49.98
Nice: "hemp" tag on the back shows you're classic sensibility mixes well with green ideals.
More: Converse and TreeHugger

What: Aqua by Terra Plana
Why: Vegetable tanned leathers, recycled materials, pure latex soling materials, recycled rubber soles and recycled foam foot beds
How much: £70
Nice: Employs "VivoBarefoot," a design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be; also available in brown and black.
More: Terra Plana and TreeHugger

What: Volley by Veja
Where: Veja stockists
Why: Organic cotton, wild Amazonian latex, vegetable-tanned leathers
How much: $125
Nice: Design inspired by the Brazilian volleyball team from the 1970s
More: Veja and TreeHugger

What: Bike by Worn Again
Why: 99% recycled materials
How much: £69
Nice: 99% recycled materials. 'Nuff said.
More: Worn Again and TreeHugger

What: Watson by iPath
Why: Hemp upper instead of canvas
How much: $79.95
Nice: Versatile design good for sessions or just kickin' it
More: iPath and TreeHugger, again.

For more tips on keeping your clothes' footprint light, check out TreeHugger's How to Green Your Wardrobe guide. Stay tuned for more green Buying Guides for men & women's apparel, your home & interiors and much more.

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