BuyGreen: Dining Tables

While TreeHugger knows that using what you've got 'til it's gone is the greenest way to go, but we all have to replace our old faithful with new favorites eventually. When that time comes, we want you to know some of the good green ways to go. On this list: dining tables.

Used as homework workstation, family gathering place and console for gourmet display and dinner parties galore, your dining table has to work hard, so having one that's durable, versatile and comfortable is important. Apartment dwellers might want to look for the smaller footprints, while families can use more surface area of larger models for more function. No matter what you need, watch out for formaldehyde, polyurethane and other toxic glues and finishes -- which you won't find on this list -- and keep your eyes peeled for wood from sustainable sources, and green alternatives to trees, like bamboo. Choosing a new dining table won't happen every day, so making it count and making it green are important; some of our favorites are below.


What: Hollow Dining Table by Brave Space Design
Why: Made from bamboo, treated with organic herbal oils and finished with non-toxic water-based finishes
How much: $2400
Nice touch: The hollow spaces below the table surface create a handy, slender storage space
More: Brave Space Design and TreeHugger

What: Trinity by Peter Danko
Why: FSC-certified wood crafted with super-efficient bent ply technique, finished with formaldehyde-free adhesive and finish
How much: starting at $1881 -- see 2007 price guide [pdf] for details
Nice touch: Customizable to any shape, size or function requirement, so your table can do exactly what you need it to.
More: Danko Design Initiative and TreeHugger

What: Dining Table #1 by Knú
Why: FSC-certified wood and veneers, zero-VOC finishes, water-borne PVA adhesives and 40% recycled/100% recyclable steel
How much: $879
Nice touch: Choose from 6 different green veneers, and it's designed for easy assembly/disassembly if you're a frequent mover.
More: Knú and TreeHugger

What: Chestnut Dining Table by Urban Hardwoods
Why: Handmade from reclaimed timber felled from urban trees, polished with a natural wax finish
How much: $3100
Nice touch: The wood's former life as an urban tree gives it a unique story and beautiful patina.
More: Urban Hardwoods and TreeHugger

What: Plyboo Square Table by Bettencourt
Why: Bamboo plywood built with non-toxic adhesives and finished with no-VOC Danish oil
How much: $2700
Nice touch: The meticulous construction gives the table a beautiful, unique look and makes excellent use of recycled materials
More: Bart Bettencourt Collection and TreeHugger

Honorable mentions:
- John Houshmand's Spalted Maple Table
- Milkweed & Doublebutter's Elephant Dining Table
- Meyer | Wells Abbey Dining Table

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