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In the market for Large Wheel Folding Bicycles? While TreeHugger knows that using what you've got 'til it's gone is the greenest way to go, we all have to replace our old faithful with new favorites eventually. When that time comes, we want you to know some of the good green ways to go. On this list: large wheel folding bikes.

Small wheels, as rule, make for a smaller folding bike, but rules are made to be broken. It's trickier, but standard-wheeled bicycles -- those with 26" rims -- can also be conjured into tiny travel or storage packages, with some imaginative design and engineering. Larger wheels provide a little extra dampening from road shock and they 'track' in a straighter line through sand, gravel, mud and other off-road conditions. And, since bigger wheels are the industry standard, a wider range of componentry and accessories are available to make your ride more fun and functional. For those riders who prefer their bikes to have big wheels (as opposed to the small-wheel folding bikes we covered before), but come in small(er) packages, saddle up and take these folders for a test ride.

Bazooka Beach folding bike

  • What: Bazooka Beach

  • Where: Bazooka Sports

  • Why: The almost maintenance-free three speed internal hub on this affordable 16.3 kg (36 lbs) city cruiser comes with mudguards (fenders) and kick stand.

  • How much: $495

  • Nice touch: Handlebar/stem can be placed under frame to lock the tires when folded.

  • More on this affordable Folding Bicycle: Bazooka Sports
    Green, Eco-Friendly, Folding Bike Based On Military Technology!
    montague paratrooper folding bike

  • What: Montague Paratrooper

  • Where: Montague

  • Why: Rugged military grade double-butted 7005 aluminium frame mountain bike 13.2kg (29 lbs) has front disc brakes and fold in 30 seconds without any tools.

  • How much: $695

  • Nice touch: Folds around seat post keeping frame's structural integrity intact

  • More On This Easy to Use Folding Bike: Montague and Green, Eco-Friendly, Folding Bike Based On Military Technology!
    Dahon Tournado: Handmade, Green, Large Wheel Folding Bike
    Dahon Tournado folding bike

  • What: Dahon Tournado

  • Where: Dahon

  • Why: Handmade Tange Prestige tube steel tourer 10.3 kg (22.7 lbs), with very clever, yet unobtrusive, Ritchey BAB breakaway separating frame.

  • How much: $2,000

  • Nice touch: Has frame lugs for mud guards (fenders) and carrier racks

  • More On Street Folding Wheel Bikes: Dahon
    Airnimal Chameleon World Traveler: Compact, Eco-Friendly 27 Speed Folding Bike
    Airnimal Chameleon folding bike

  • What: Airnimal Chameleon World Traveler

  • Where: Airnimal

  • Why: The 24" wheels on 27 speed Shimano Ultegra gearing give this 10kg (22 lbs, without pedals) road bike give it greater maneuverability and aerodynamics.

  • How much: $2,100

  • Nice touch: 30 seconds to fold for commuting; 15 minutes for airline 'carry-on.'
    More On Compact, Eco-Friendly Large Wheel Folding Bicycles: Slingshot

  • Compact, Light, Affordable Folding Bike
    Slingshot-Foldtech folding bike

  • What: Slingshot Foldtech

  • Where: Slingshot

  • Why: High performance mountain bike 2.7kg (6 lbs, frame only) has aluminum boomtube and folding steel rear. Better for travel than daily commuting on the train.
  • How much: $800 (frame only)

  • Nice touch: 'Wow factor' design -- no down tube, just a tensioned wire cable.
    More on Afforadable Folding Bikes: Slingshot

  • Honorable mention:
    Ritchey Break-Away
    Honorable mention:
    Ritchey Break-Away Affordable Folding Bicycle
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