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The greenest dining room chairs are the ones that use reclaimed or recycled materials, organic fibers and sustainable manufacturing practices. If you don't already have green dining chairs, this guide will help you find some. If your old dining room chairs are barely hanging in there, and you don't want Uncle Tony to come crashing down when he sits down for dinner the next time he visits, you need to find some sturdy and sustainable dining room chairs that will not only stand the test of time, but look good doing it.

In this Green Buying Guide, we will give you the low down on some of the most eco-friendly dining chairs out there. From FSC-certified wood to organic cotton to recycled materials, these green dining chairs chairs feature the best elements from some of our favorite sustainable designers. And, they are sure to please your hungry guests as much as your cooking (OK, for some of you, more than your cooking). Whether your style is elegant and formal or sleek and modern, hopefully you'll find a green dining room chair here to suit your taste.

Stackable, Eco-friendly Dining Room Chair by Ross Lovegrove

Buy Green: Ross Lovegrove's Orbit Chair dining chair photo

  • What: Orbit Chair by Ross Lovegrove

  • Where: Plushpod

  • Why: Made from super resource-efficient bent plywood and certified by GREENGUARD, which means less nasty chemicals that can volatilize to create poor indoor air quality.

  • How much: $781-$885

  • Nice touch: Stackable up to 6 high.

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Bernhardt Design

Stackable, Eco-friendly Dining Room Chair
Dining Room Armchair Made from Recycled Seatbelts
Buy Green: Armchair dining chair Made from Recycled Seatbelts by J. Persing photo

  • What:Arbor Armchair by J. Persing

  • Where:Vivavi

  • Why: Webbing made out of durable post-industrial seatbelts, "Eco-Benefit Ply-bending techniques" saves 8 to 10 times as much wood as solid lumber.

  • How much: $488

  • Nice touch: Customizable wood and webbing colors.

More on Recycled Seatbelt Chair:

J. Persing

Peter Danko Seatbelt Love Seat
Sustainable-wood Dining Room Chair
Buy Green: sustainable wood dining chair by Staach photo

  • What: Cain Chair by STAACH

  • Where: Branch

  • Why: Sustainable wood from New York and Pennsylvania, non-toxic glues and low-VOC lacquers.

  • How much: $398-$618 for two

  • Nice touch: Can be upholstered to fit in with any dining room design scheme.

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Modern, Sustainable and Stackable Chairs
Reclaimed Railroad Tie Dining Room Chair
Buy Green: Railroad Tie Dining Chairs by VivaTerra photo

  • What: Railroad Tie Dining Chairs by VivaTerra

  • Where: VivaTerra

  • Why: Awesome hardwood without the guilty conscience. Made from 100% reclaimed teak, pine and ironwood railroad ties.

  • How much: $298 (for set of 2)

  • Nice touch: Weathered wood shows this seat has a history.

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Sustainable Teak Wood Dining Room Chair
Buy Green: sustainable teak Maku Dining Chair photo

  • What: Maku Dining Chair

  • Where: Vivavi

  • Why: One of the few ways to find legally harvested sustainable teak - a company that tracks the wood from plantation to manufacture.

  • How much: $579

  • Nice touch: Proud partner with 1% For the Planet.

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Sustainable Teak Furniture by Maku
Honorable Mention: Yardstick Chair by Dorothy Spencer

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