Bluewick Soy Candles

We've told you why we like soy candles better than the others that are out there, however, because we're Treehugger, we'll repeat. Soy burns cleaner than petroleum based waxes and is a renewable resource. It also burns longer than paraffin and emits less soot and contains no known carcinogens. Soy wax is farmed and produced by the soybean so it's an all-natural solution. At Bluewick, they take this simple idea and transform it into an array of aromas and styles made from a variety of natural, essential and fragrant oils. The wicks are unbleached, organically grown cotton. Even the packaging is made from recycled and renewable materials. Simple, right? Bluewick has three different varieties of candles — Original AromaSoy, Groove and Illumina SoyGlass. We like the idea of the Original, which is a fragrance "blend" including Casuda (lavender and eucalyptus) and Mariko (melon and cucumber). However, the Peacharine from the Groove collection and the Marley (santal vanilla) from the Illumina collection are quite tantalizing as well. Bluewick candles are very affordable, so we might just have to order them all. $5 - $45. ::Bluewick [by KD]