Awesome Christmas tree from an old ladder

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When you think about all the pesticides used on Christmas trees, and then imagine them tossed in January, it's hard to happily buy a tree.

But then December rolls around, the neighbors get out their lights, the kids ask when the Christmas tree is going up.

For many years I have experimented trying to find a greener alternative.

For the last two years, it was a book-based holiday tree, and while it was cute, Charlie Brown-esque, and a conversation piece, and definitely fit in the reduce/reuse category, we couldn't face carrying down and then carrying up all of the books in January.

Our new roommate probably also wasn't too thrilled about the prospect of us tromping through her space to get the books.

It was thus that the DIY ladder tree was born.

It's slightly modernistic appearance is deceiving, because it's actually a very weathered wooden ladder that we use the rest of the year for propping up the backyard apple tree. With the apples all picked and eaten, there's no dire need for the ladder.

Covering the ladder is a garden shade cloth also rescued from the apple tree - in the overly high heat of the past summer, the shade cloth protected said apples from getting burn spots.

The ornaments are all from holidays past. The only purchase was a new string of LED lights.

If you want to replicate the tree, any existing ladder will do. The shade cloth is nice because of its semi-transparency that allows the twinkle of lights at the back of the tree to be seen, but almost any green cloth (or even silver!) could work.

Get creative. Assembling this DIY ladder tree took no longer than purchasing and setting up a regular tree, and no watering required!

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Awesome Christmas tree from an old ladder
We've done them all - the organic Xmas tree, the re-plant live Xmas tree, the bike-delivered Xmas tree. This one feels the greenest of them all.

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