Be Green Now Offers To Plant Trees as Gifts


Here’s a great gift to add to the TH Gift Guide, probably under the Feel Good and Gardner sections. Be Green Now is an carbon offsetting company set up by Green Mountain Energy to help educate people about Global Warming. They are offering you the opportunity to buy trees as gifts this year. So whether you feel like replacing the tree outside that’s now decorating your home inside, or if just want to give someone a green gift, you can. ‘The Gift of Green trees will be planted in the Kootenai National Forest in Montana. For this reforestation project, Green Mountain Energy Company is partnering with American Forests to plant Ponderosa Pine trees to help the forest recover from large forest fires in 2000. In addition to absorbing CO2, the new trees will also help restore the wildlife habitat that was destroyed, and return the forest to its former glory.’ Be Green Now have added a nice extra touch which is a gift card sent to the recipient. The card is not only decorative, but multifunctional too! It comes bearing your greeting, it’s also an ornament and even better the card is made from seed paper so after the holidays this ornament can be planted to grow fresh herbs. Now that’s good green gift thinking! ::Be Green Now