Be cool and green

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It's 93 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City, making it a good moment to dig up the collective TreeHugger wisdom on staying cool. The first set of stories asks us to re-examine the need to blast the air conditioning and other cultural assumptions about climate control. Then it's on to things to eat and how to dress. We end with more long-term ways of lowering energy consumption, through design elements.


Air conditioning is like driving; it's convenient and our society is build around it
Lloyd weighs in on air-conditioning, entitlement and comfort.

Architect Steve Mouzon says condition people first
One architect suggests that if people spend more time outside, they'll be more comfortable without climate control inside.

A begrudging acceptance of sweating

Sweating cools us down, so why can't it be considered cool? Mat McDermott argues that our distaste for sweating is part of a dysfunctional relationship with the natural world.


10 no-cook recipes for cool kitchens
Why add heat to your kitchen when there are so many delicious vegetarian choices that don't need cooking?

Spiked Popsicle recipes

Don't forget dessert


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Ditching the tie is just the start
It's time to redefine hot weather dress. This take-down of the business suite argues that we look to the hottest parts of the world for fashion inspiration.

Guys, you can use a parasol and still be manly
Japanese men are shedding their inhibitions regarding using umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun. It's a trend worth emulating.


5 amazing benefits of urban trees
Trees are powerful air conditioners that can reduce air pollution and energy bills.

Plants on green roofs help solar panels keep cool
Green roofs not only help keep buildings cool, they also make solar panels more efficient.


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10 design tips to help you live with without air conditioning
From strategically placed trees to the better use of windows, here are ways that houses could be made to cool better.

If you want a cool house, celebrate thermal mass

Why thicker walls should make a comeback.

Why insulation and good design beat gizmos

The highest tech solutions in buildings may not always be the best ones.

Be cool and green
A round-up of the top TreeHugger tips for sustainable summertime living.