The American Dream Redefined: From Hollywood Childhood to Life Aboard a Stunning, Tiny Houseboat (Video)

Houseboat living photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

Some time ago I wrote a post about living simply as an alternative American Dream. It proved popular. And every day we hear new stories about people who are redefining what success and happiness really looks like.

Tiny Houseboat  photoFair Companies/Video screen capture
Take the story of Heather Wilcoxon, for example. She grew up in Hollywood with movie star parents, a lifestyle which interviewer and camera person Kirsten Dirksen points out, is for many people the very definition of the American Dream. But she left that all behind, moved to a houseboat community in San Francisco Bay, and now lives in 400 square feet on a stunningly painted houseboat from the turn of the last century.

Houseboat resident photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

From ridiculously small energy bills (about $60 a month in winter, $12 in summer) to encouraging fewer possessions, the video clearly illustrates the inherent environmental benefits of living with less space. But it also teaches us something important about freedom—because of her relative financial independence, Heather is able to live on less and fund her lifestyle as an artist. And isn't freedom what the real American Dream was always supposed to be about?

Tiny Houseboat kitchen photoFair Companies/Video screen capture

I've said it before but I am having a hard time keeping up with Kirsten and the astoundingly prolific Fair Companies crew. From beautiful homes made from salvaged cars to Guerrilla Grafters creating illegal street trees, these guys are digging up some of the coolest initiatives in harcore sustainable living. And they are putting a decidedly accessible, human face on all of them.

I am grateful.

The American Dream Redefined: From Hollywood Childhood to Life Aboard a Stunning, Tiny Houseboat (Video)
A child of Hollywood now lives on a tiny, beautiful houseboat - a lifestyle that lets her live her dream as an artist. Isn't freedom what this country is about?

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