Aeroponics for the Holidays

OK, so maybe you're not ready for hydroponics — perhaps "aeroponics" is more up your alley. With aeroponics, your plant's roots are suspended in air and are periodically sprayed with nutrients. That's pretty much it — but it works, and the plants do grow quite abundantly. To get started you could try this "Carefree Window Garden Kit". At the base of the kit is a growing trough and the top has five removable growing stations. There's an air pump included to bubble the hydroponic nutrients. To start you growing there are six kinds of seeds provided: three kinds of specialty lettuces, basil, oregano and cilantro. The seeds are started in the provided rockwool blocks. The price is $49.95.We featured the AeroGrow system previously but unfortunately this product never got off the ground.

:: Care Free Gardening