9 common mistakes made when recycling

Recycling mistakes
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In some places recycling is straightforward, in other places, not so much – this infographic helps sort out the sorting.

In the United States we create a whopping 254 million tons of waste every year, says the EPA. If we could manage to properly dispose of all the recyclables within that massive number, some $7 billion worth of resources could be diverted from landfills. How nuts is that?

While many of us do our best to do our part, the learning curve is high and some places have such complicated recycling guidelines that it's not just a matter or tossing plastic things here and metal things there. Regardless of your particular municipal guidelines, there are some common mistakes that many people make. The recycling junk-removal company, Junk King, created the following infographic detailing some of the things that a lot of us do improperly. If you live in a place that has not-very-straightforward requirements, you can make a chart for easy reference – but knowing these common blunders is very helpful as well.

And in conclusion, a glorious celebration of trash.

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